Man’s Search for Grace

I am two months into my One Year Bible Reading Plan. The New Testament, I have read so many times, it is very familiar and easy to grasp. The Old Testament, however, is a puzzle. It is history, tradition, folklore, and allegory all rolled into one. It is impossible to digest without consulting other sources for explanation and insight, which I do. I am also watching biblical mini-series to further my understanding. It is all fascinating. What stands out is the blatant reality that since man began writing his own history and telling stories, he has been brutal. History, and the bible, are chock full of murder, revenge, slavery, adultery, and more. The other side of that coin is man’s search for and need of redemption, forgiveness, and acceptance from his god. Man’s search for meaning has been ongoing since the dawn of time. And though we can map the human genome, and peer into the galaxy, we cannot escape our very nature. And so, if we are to know any grace whatsoever, we must know God. And that is what the bible is all about: man’s search for grace, and God.


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